A content experience helping men become better today than they were yesterday.

What is Somebody's Son?

Our Purpose

Since young men battle with the pressures of manhood everyday, we tackle topics that focus on worth, actions and relationships. Our goal is simple, help men win the war with themselves.

Our Commitment

We deliver optimistic cultural conversations and points of view for those with an appetite for hearing the growth of young men overcoming the pressures of manhood.

Our Audience

If our conversations resonate in any way, Somebody's Son is for you. For women looking to understand what thoughts your father, brother, husband, boyfriend, or son struggles with - this is for you. For those same men who desire encouragement along the way, we got you.

Our Essence

At our core, we share seasoned crumbs of encouragement to bridge life lessons with a purposeful discussion that others can share at their table.

Conversations like this () are core to our mission and your feedback is important to us. Feel free to use the contact form to share your thoughts and ideas for future  topics! We’ll grow together as we share lessons learned, personal experiences and encouragement.

Meet the Team

Donald Knight

Curiosity is my first love and the passion behind my quest to encourage others to fulfill their potential. My mission is to elevate hidden voices, sharing stories that awaken the imagination while inspiring others to do the same. For those who may have forgotten their worth, I hope we help remind you of your value. I woke up one day upset with the wasted potential I saw in the world my son was born into, and since then, I have been on a quest to change it.

Ali Almeflehi

Although I’m the youngest of the crew, don’t let the baby-face fool you. As an entrepreneur, investor, and full-time college student, my success has been predicated on hunger, persistence, thinking big, and being bold. I believe those ingredients are needed to create the future we want to live in. In addition to my pursuit of relentless personal growth, I aim to help young people like myself find their footing in this fast-paced, ever-evolving world by living a more intentional and mindful life.

Chris Langley

I am a seeker, self-care advocate, technologist, and a proponent of personal development. I've failed enough to know God's grace and mercy on a first name basis. I've learned just enough to be useful. I've been successful enough to know that all things are possible. On most occasions, I prefer to be far from a microphone (#introvert), but I look forward to this opportunity to grow with you.

Kristopher Russell

Product of Richmond, VA. Learning how to thrive and not just survive. Balancing the lion and the lamb.

Garrett Drake

Beyond entertainment, stories possess the power to inform, inspire, and motivate us. My drive, pursuits, and values have developed between my experiences and those shared by others. My passion is capturing and sharing impactful stories through audio and video production.

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